What am I supposed to write?

How many times did that question come up before you finally decided to just start typing away?

Definition of BLOG

: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site – Merriam Webster
Every time I think about a journal, I think Star Trek and their voice recorded daily logs. Maybe that’s how the derived with the word B”log”. Although, I have no idea where the “B” came from. How did they come up with the word? *google*
“Blog is short for weblog. The term weblog was first coined in December 1997 by an American blogger named Jorn Barger. He used it to describe he would “log the web” as he surfed online. Later another blogger named Peter Merholz changed weblog to “we blog” in a 1999 post. Soon people were dropping the other word and just used “blog.” – Kudos to WhoInventedIt.net
Weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog, weblog… Okay, makes sense. Isn’t it great how the internet has changed the world? We now incorporate websites as verbs now such as, “Just google it”. How about this new concept of following instead of subscribing? Since I was little, following someone too the extreme was called stalking. I’m sure many bloggers these days have over 5,000 stalkers. One day when my we blog get’s popular, I too will be proud to have many stalkers but for now, I’ll be happy if I get a like.
LIKE! You have a massive amount of “stalkers” that “likes” you and your “we blog”. I love the internet. I love how I can “google” about turtles and end up with new cooking recipes, turn off the computer just to remember that I needed an article about turtles. But by all means, I hope you end up reading my “we blog” after hours of surfing the internet for an article about turtles.

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