Make your home “Dog Proof”

One of the main reasons why people say they don’t want pets is because of the possible damage it may cause. I will admit that an unsupervised pet can cause lots of damage but that’s where the owner must be proactive. Kids and pets are very much alike, if they are left unchecked, you may suffer from the results of crayon dinosaurs on the walls or poop piles on the carpet. Also, after their playtime outside, they bring in lots of dust and dirt and eventually stains the carpet. One thing I regret not doing is purchasing an area rug to protect my wall to wall carpet. I ended up having to pay for carpet replacement before I moved out which was very costly and took much time.


Once I moved to my new home, first thing I did was purchase a 5×8 machine made rug to cover the high traffic area that my dog will be passing through. Benefits? It’s machine made so it’s not so pricey and if it does get damaged, it won’t be so costly to replace. The material is synthetic so it’s very easy to clean and does not carry any natural odors like wool does. Odors from wool rugs can cause your pets to be attracted to it and possibly be the reason why they scent mark.

Another thing we’re trying to aim for is not having to crate her all the time while we’re out of the house. We attempted to leave my dog at home alone (outside of her crate) unsupervised while we quickly go shopping for groceries. It probably took us no more than 20 minutes and when we got back, the trash can was tipped over and trash was everywhere! Now I have a trash can with a lid. I’m sure she can still knock it over and gain access to the yummy trash piñata but atleast it’s less tempting to her now that there’s a lid. 

From my experience, preventative measures is more effective than countless corrections on your dog. Please do humor me with some of the things your pet’s have destroyed. =D


7 thoughts on “Make your home “Dog Proof”

  1. Klaus has destroyed a couple of pairs of shoes, houseplants including cacti! and once when I was washing the couch slip cover he tore apart the couch cushions. I wish we could trust him out more but he is just too mischevious!

    1. I can relate. Before we moved here, we left her in a room with nothing in it but wall to wall carpet. I came home to a room full of carpet fibers dug out. After that, I bought a crate. I’m so relieved now that the puppy stages are over.

      1. Is she a working drive dog? The puppy stage with Klaus was a nightmare! My arms still bear the scars of his “land shark” days. I do miss him being so tiny and fluffy though.

      2. Actually, these people were selling her on CG and the ad said “Need to get rid of puppies or they’re going to the pound.” Unfortunately, there were 2 and I could only take one.

        Compared to Klaus, mine doesn’t really have a drive as a result, I have no idea about her pedigree. I guess that’s the difference between BYB’s and credible breeders. Is Klaus from a show or working line?

      3. Good on you for taking her! Klaus is a working line. He has a very high drive. Our behavioral issues are a direct result of him not being able to expel energy. We do walks and training sessions but he can’t do much else!

        I think your pup looks more working line. It’s hard to say though. She is such a pretty dog!

      4. Thanks! Yes, she’s a great dog. We’ll probably aim for the CD once we get a trainer… If they ever reply to my emails… lol. I can only imagine how frustrated Klaus must be to not be able to do dog things due to his condition.

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