The end of winter

I know Spring’s been here for a while now but I think I just got the last of the snow. =D

My wife wanted to test if our Abby could be trusted outside of her crate while home alone. My wife leaves the house around 7:30 am and I get home around 8:45 am. I got the warning text message from my wife to be on the lookout for damage. I came home knowing that there must be damage. She managed to get into my wife’s make up box and tore the fluff from a pillow. Who could be mad at that face for a long time? lol. I just had her stay in her crate for the duration of cleaning the mess.


2 thoughts on “The end of winter

  1. LOL! Sorry for laughing but that face is just too adorable and guilty looking.
    Kyuss was crated for his first year. After that the odd amount of damage would happen, but it slowly waned. He’s now approaching 4 and his crate is long gone.
    Training him “On your bed” and “wait” helped a great deal. Now, when told to go on his bed, he’ll stay until he’s released, “come, Kyuss”

    I hope Abby didn’t eat any expensive makeup!

    1. lol. Yes, she is quite the trouble maker. I could leave her home alone for no more than 20 minutes and it’ll be fine. I’m assuming after that point, she thinks it’s party time.

      My girl’s still a pup so maybe she’ll mature as well as your Kyuss. đŸ˜€

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