Vet’s office and Trainers


For those with dogs, aren’t they just great? You have to pick up their poop, make sure they don’t do anything mischievous and vacuum on a daily basis! It all pays off though when you get moments like these.

My little girl is now 15 months old and is loving her set of monkeys (notice the pink monkey’s ear falling off). We’ve already had to sew them back up a few times because the stuffing keeps coming out for no apparent reason. It’s not like someone is pulling them out or anything, maybe it’s just a defective product. Regardless, I’m glad she enjoys those squeaking little monkeys that wakes me up at 3 in the morning. It just goes to show that these monkeys were money well spent.

So she weighed in at 80.4 lbs at the vet’s office last weekend. The summary of the examination states that the weight is normal but I’m not satisfied with it. Our new daily routine is now run, run, run, run, and more running. Since winter has passed, it’s time for the both of us to get back into shape. A walk around our entire complex is about 2 miles so that’s a good start. We’ve been walking and running it atleast 2 times a day since the start of Monday. I’m currently looking for a trainer that’s familiar with German Shepherds as well but no luck so far. I’m just looking for other activities to keep the both of us busy and figured an obedience class would be the best.

I’ve found one particular trainer and have emailed her (website doesn’t give a phone#). I’ve had one response from her and afterwards, nothing… Maybe she just forgot so I’ll just forward it again. I want to start these classes ASAP! I’m pumped up!

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