Fun in the sun!

Yesterday was raining so Abby and I were miserable. All we did was mope around and were lazy couch potatoes. She hated it because she didn’t get to watch her TV shows. Image

Good thing there’s always a tomorrow! I work 3rd shift so I got off and came straight home to my bundle of joy. Since the beginning of this week, we’ve been working on some weight loss. My goal is to lose 15 to 20 lbs and Abby is to lose 5 lbs. She’s not overweight but I’d like to keep her on the thinner side. I couldn’t ask for a better running partner. Granted she’ll step off the walk from time to time but she keeps herself at my pace and ignores the small barking dogs!

At the end of our run, we stopped off in an open field to take a breather. She noticed some rustling in the bushes and her head went straight up, ears up. She was on full alert! Out came a gray bird and Abby was locked on target. This was not an area to be off-leash so I had to calm her down. I had her sit calmly so she can learn to enjoy and observe the pretty bird. Image

No way. She wanted to see the bird fly! She wanted to play chase! So she attempted to chase after the bird but forgot, she’s on a leash. She’s such an overgrown puppy. So we went home and off to breakfast. YUM!

The sun cam out so I took out the long leash and we went to collect some smells. Mostly her. I know she wanted to run. She was stuck inside all day yesterday so we played a game of chase! So exciting!!! I’ll admit it… I lost. All 23 games of chase. Was it fair from the get-go? No way! She has four legs up against my slow 2 legs. No competition. She gave up and rested on the cool, cushioned grass and soaked in the long awaited sunshine. ImageThen the bugs started coming out and ruined everything so it was time to head home. After a great time in the sun, it was time for a quick nap. My wife is off tomorrow as well so maybe we’ll go hiking tomorrow once the trails dry up. I’ll go take a nap too… Until next time, keep your dogs happy! A tired dog is a happy dog.



2 thoughts on “Fun in the sun!

  1. Abby definitely looks like a sable here! At first I couldn’t tell. But it’s clear she is not a black and tan. She’s much lighter than Klaus, who is a black sable. Maybe more of a red sable?

    It’s actually better for dogs to be on the thinner side. More often than not, puppy parents overfeed their pets and don’t even realize that their dog is in fact overweight! Klaus is around 75-80. The lighter for him the better for his hip.

    1. Oh yea. I’ve seen it happen too often. Especially beagles. I see a lot of overweight beagles.

      Yes, Abby definitely is a light sable with some red on her chest. She isn’t overweight. She’s still in the norm but I just want to put more exercise in her routine. Klaus is a handsome boy. I really wanted Abby to turn out darker like your boy but it didn’t happen. She’s still a great dog nonetheless.

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