Meet the trainer and some Socialization


Today, we set off on a trip to meet our new trainer. My first time with a trainer so I was kind of skeptical yet still had an open mind. Because I’m still a beginner, I thought it’ll be best if I sought guidance from an experienced person from now on. I asked the trainer that I wanted to see how she worked with her dogs, how she treated them, and her training methods. It was very last minute but the trainer made time for us to come in and take a gander. 

We pulled in and there were German Shepherds everywhere! Of course, we’re in their territory so I was expecting a lot of barking. My girl isn’t well socialized with other dogs. Especially, larger breeds such as herself just because everyone I know only has tiny breeds. I took advantage of this opportunity to socialize her with larger, trained dogs. Image

She got to meet Dony. An 8 year old German Shepherd from Slovakia. Great looking dog and great temperament. Dony is trained in IPO, Tracking and protection. Definitely a great opportunity to be able to socialize her with an ideal canine. I was so proud of her! She did better than I expected. I was sure she’d be pulling, hackles up and barking or growling… No way! She was great. They were sniffing each other and Dony allowed her to sniff him everywhere! Abby was a bit shy and wouldn’t let Dony sniff her down the butt but it’s okay, she’s not so used to other dogs yet. At least she exceeded my expectations. 


So the trainer showed me Dony’s bite work. Remember, Dony’s 8 years old now so he’s a bit slower than when he was in his prime. I found out later that Dony’s actually a father! He was studded to a breeder in Slovakia (OFA Hips/Elbows “A”) and my trainers took in a boy, Duncho, but he was really attached to his sister so they took her in as well, Mishka. Great dogs as well. Duncho is a certified therapy dog (TDI) and Mishka is in training for her BH in Schutzhund. The trainer showed me the work of all 3. All of them were beautiful and well trained. I was just going to get a sneak peek at this trainer but I think I found my trainer. 

Just from talking with her and getting to know her on a personal level, she’s an overall great person. She has a total of 9 dogs and most of them are rescues. She’s got a big heart and takes care of these lucky dogs full time. I also met her Husband (The man getting bit in the picture above). He’s such a humorous guy. Definitely a loving couple and they are very passionate for the love of their dogs. 

It was very relieving to hear about Abby’s evaluation. The trainer saw from how we commanded Abby and how she reacted to her dogs. They said Abby has a great temperament. She’s solid and confident most of the time but just needs further training to proof her commands. They said it was a shame that Abby doesn’t have any registered papers because she would’ve been great in Tracking and Schutzhund. I’m glad to hear that I did a decent job so far in her training. She invited me to watch some Schutzhund trials this coming up weekend so I’m definitely going to be there. 

Well, that was our day so far. Abby’s so tired that she and the wife went straight to bed for their beauty sleep. Until next time then readers! 



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