Do dogs get along better with handlers of the opposite Sex?

This is just something that crossed my mind just now. I’ve heard/seen many dogs associated with this, even my trainer. Though there are no studies to back it up being that every dog is entitled to their own individualism just as humans. My dog is a female and she listens to me better than my wife. My trainer has titled 2 of her males (one IPO and the other TDI). However, her female is stubborn and much harder to train (they’re going for a BH). The dog with the IPO is the father to both. I’ve read through other dog owner’s experiences and it’s usually that the male bonds with a female handler or female bonds with male handler better. Of course, this is not always the case. What’s your take on this? Do you find it true for the relationship with your dog? 


3 thoughts on “Do dogs get along better with handlers of the opposite Sex?

  1. I chose a male dog only because he stood out in the litter when it was my turn to select a pup. Male or female, I didn’t care. I’ve only ever had one female dog in my life, which happened to be my sister’s dog. I didn’t bond with her, but that was probably because I already had my dog; a male dalmatian who was so neurotic, he hated anyone outside our family.

    Now, Kyuss listens to me more than my hubby. We were dating when I selected Kyuss, so Kyuss has known him since puppyhood. He’s bonded to me though. He’s my constant shadow. I take care of all his needs; feeding, walking etc. My husband is more of a cat person =b

    After having Kyuss, I honestly do believe it’s best to select a dog the opposite gender from your own; for your first dog anyhow.

    1. I posted this discussion in a forum as well and with all the responses I got, I’m thinking it’s not the dogs but more the handlers. lol. I noticed a lot of the handlers that responded were female and majority of them owned males.

      I just read that females were easier to handle than males (regarding German Shepherds). That and the fact that the person we got our girl from only had females available.

  2. Well , I had 3 cats , the first female I practically grew up with so I got along with her okay . The second girl , no … then we got a male cat , I got along with him better than I did the girls . I have a male dog now , he’s 5 1/2 months . I absolutely love him . I , myself , prefer boys , but I wouldn’t mind working with a girl . Even though some dogs do prefer a certain gender , to most It’s about the handler , not the gender 😛

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