Neighbors and their Annoying dog

How often do you hear people ranting about this topic? As for me, I’ve been holding it in for far too long. I live in an apartment complex. Fortunately, I live by the Barbecue area with a large field for my dog to play in. However, the field is surrounded by the apartment buildings so it makes any sound echo 10 times louder. I happen to live in one of the buildings that surround the field, not so fortunate after all. 

This neighbor always has her window cracked open and their dog barks at everything it sees. I mean EVERYTHING! (birds, squirrels, dogs, people, etc…) That annoying little dog does not know when to stop either and it’s owner does nothing to correct this behavior. I work 3rd shift so I catch my sleep during the day when people are walking their dogs and being active. There is no day that goes by without me being awoken by this annoying bark. 

How inconsiderate can this person be to allow their dogs to behave in such a way? To make matters worse, crack the window open to let it echo 10 times louder for everyone to hear! I’ll go home and record it for you all to listen to. I don’t want to walk over there and tell the neighbor to calm their dog because they’re the type to hold a grudge and would probably find any way to get me kicked out. I’ll just have to put in a complaint tomorrow. Honestly, if you really enjoy that bark, please shut the window so you can enjoy it entirely to yourself. 


4 thoughts on “Neighbors and their Annoying dog

  1. If it’s bothering you, you do need to take some proactive steps and deal with the situation and not just stew. Others don’t know their behavior is annoying until you tell them.

    1. Definitely. It’s been going on for quite some time so I’m going to call the appropriate authorities to handle it. I think it bothers me the most is because it’s right next to my window.

  2. Arg. I have the same thing, but above me! I blogged about it a while back so you can check it out if you like.

    Maybe try an anomymous note slipped under their door first. You never know, they may just be completely oblivious to the fact their dog is annoying. I know my neighbours above me are. I don’t even think they hear their dog barking anymore since they have to constantly tune it out.

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