Would your dog(s) protect you?

Here’s the video that brought the question: http://youtu.be/tQvGDSNcfR0

Don’t stories like this make you so appreciative of your family pets? I’m am glad that both the boy and his dog are still here today. I wish there was another way to keep them all alive but things happen.

This past weekend, I was helping my uncle clear out his 13 acre land (lots of trees) and he bull dozed most of them down. The location is on the outskirts of town and is mostly farm lands. We’ve managed to clear out about 8 acres of trees and built a shack. We’ve heard about sightings of coyotes, bob cats, cougars, etc… from the locals in the area so my uncle asked me, “You spend so much time with your dog. Do you think she’ll save you one day?”

Here’s a picture of her off leash, roaming the lot.


I looked at my dog and shook my head. Honestly, I don’t think she would. She’ll probably run off somewhere safe and I’ll be that cougars meal but let’s just hope she proves us wrong when the opportunity comes. lol. Would I protect my girl? I can’t say for sure until the opportunity is there but I think I would. I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to fight or flight so I can’t say for sure.

Some say if you love a dog enough, they’ll reward you with protection. Do I believe in it? It just depends on the dog. Abby’s my first dog and I treat her like my own kid. I don’t pamper or spoil her but she is living an exceptional dog life and thoroughly enjoys it. Just because she gets love and attention doesn’t always mean she’ll protect me.

What about your dog(s)? If you ran into a dangerous situation with wild life, would your dogs protect you?

3 thoughts on “Would your dog(s) protect you?

  1. I wrote about this very thing with Klaus and right now I have to say I’m not convinced he would. I think he’s way too immature and not sure of himself. I wonder if he saw a coyote if he wouldn’t want to run to it and play? But then again he has a tendency to be dog reactive to dogs on tv and outside.

    I’m always so amazed by the dogs who protect their owners or save their lives somehow. I just look down at Klaus and think “yeah right!”. I hope he doesn’t have to prove himself one day but if he does he comes through like a champ!

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