How do you deal with pet stains?

I’m sure we’ve all been through this. Whether it be in puppy hood or adults, accidents happen for multiple reasons: upset stomach, change in diet, GI issues, prolonged void of bladder, and the list goes on. What was your worst pet stain that you managed to conquer? How did you do it? Did it get on any furniture or just carpet?

Puppy: Abby
This is my girl when she was 11 weeks.

This is my very first dog ever and I’ve had to learn from mistakes. Abby has a very VERY sensitive stomach. The person we adopted her from stated she fed all her dogs Purina. After reading some reviews on it, I decided to change the brand to Wellness Large Breed Puppy. I purchased a small bag of Purina, mixed it with Wellness LBP to transition the change. Well… She got an upset stomach anyways (this was the period of house breaking and potty training). I’m sure you all can imagine how messy things got. Finally, we were done with the Purina and she was eating only the Wellness only but her stools were still loose and the occasional diarrhea. The vet’s already tested her negative for worms, bacteria, you name it. She was healthy as can be.

I needed help so I searched for a German Shepherd forum (best places for advice) and found I wasted no time in posting my issue and found out that I wasn’t the only one. Great! I received spectacular advice and turns out that some brands are just too strong for some pups. So now, we had to transition her from Wellness to Nutro. During the transition, she had frequent diarrhea (she was about 14 weeks at this point) and fasted her a few times. She had to hold everything for a duration of 3 hours at most every day. I lived close to work so I go home to take her out.

Pet Stain
Picture found on Google Images. Abby's stain looked like this and it was about 1' 6 in diameter.

One day I came home from work only to find that my room was filled with a foul, grotesque odor (poop smell). I looked inside Abby’s crate and you could see the poop residue on the floor of the crate. I was trying to find where the actual pile went. Abby just sat there, staring at me as if she was saying, “I ate it” as she licked her muzzle. My wife took her out around our house with no results of more poop while I brought the crate out and washed it. Regrettably, I forgot to mention to my wife that Abby ate her poop and to stay outside. So what happened? Abby came inside and threw up on the living room carpet. Disaster!!!

We stayed up all night trying to figure out how we’re going to get this stain out. I won’t get into details (like I haven’t done enough already) but I ran to the store for some Oxiclean. Hey, the commercials looked great so it was the first thing that came to mind when looking for a miracle. I mixed the powder with some water and sprayed it all over the area. I used up the entire thing and waited 4 hours (It’s midnight) then tried soaking it up with towels. Billy Mays! YOU LIED! I gave up and went to bed.

We went to Walmart the next day and purchased a steam vac hoping it would work better. What detergent we used? Oxiclean again. This time, we went over it once with the steam vac and…. MIRACLE! I never doubted you for a second Billy Mays! Such a relief. Now, we don’t have to change the wall to wall carpeting and save money! Just to be sure it doesn’t happen again, I sprayed nearly half a 16 oz bottle of Nature’s Miracle odor removal. This was by far one of the greatest challenges from her puppy hood and she no longer had loose stools thanks to Nutro. PHEW!

How did I prevent this from ever happening again? I buy area rugs for my home. I mentioned in an earlier post: Make your home “Dog Proof”. I bought a machine made rug from Great prices and great selections. The machine made is not so expensive so it’s easy to replace and it’s made of synthetic fibers for easy cleaning. Abby’s managed to pee on our new area rug twice (4 months and 7 months of age) and hasn’t had an accident since! *knock on wood*

I would love to hear what you all went through and what products you used. Most of the ones I used were picked out at the last second. I’m just thankful it worked. As you can tell, I was not prepared for this. I can only imagine what a human baby will turn out.


2 thoughts on “How do you deal with pet stains?

  1. Hahaha! I laughed so hard when she puked up her doo-doo. Sorry, but I’ve been there!

    Thankfully, I’ve never had much carpet to deal with other than the odd area rug or mat, so Kyuss has never really left any stains. But of course, he’ll always march over to his rug/bed (he destroys anything with stuffing) and puke on it instead of the easily washed floor. I bought a black one this time around for that reason.
    Oh and get this! He’s a blanket sucker, so he always has a blankie to nurse etc. Well, if he pukes overnight, he’ll use his blankie to try and hide the evidence. So not only do I have to wash his mat, I have to wash his pukie blankie too! =b

    My best advice for kids though is to not have any soft surfaces. I have a leather couch, laminate floor (my daughter helped destroy our hardwood with her toys) and leather ottoman. I clean the above things about twice a day, every day. LOL

    1. lol. Glad to know I wasn’t the first! Yes! The rugs do help and we bought a darker brown bed too. Your Kyuss sounds like my girl! Just that my girl doesn’t nurse with her blanket. She’d rather destroy it.

      I’m sure you keep a lot of needles and threads handy too?

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