I almost ran over a small Yorkie

Just my luck. After posting about yapping little Yorkies, I almost ran over one. Don’t bash me until you read the entire post. I’m a dog lover, honestly.

I just got off work 8:30 am and there is a gas station across the street. I work int he down town area of a very very small town so there wasn’t much traffic and the speed limit is 25 mph. There are train tracks I must cross over to get home and that’s where I found the little guy. White, maybe 10 to 15 pounds, fresh new hair cut so it has to belong to someone. 

I wasn’t going to pick it up because I thought it might’ve belonged to someone at the gas station. It just kept walking along the road side and there were several on-coming cars. I was hoping the owners were nearby to pick the dog up but no one was stopping. I wanted to see what it was up to so I drove beside it at it’s running speed. Then the little guy runs right in front of me and to the other side of the street and continues along the road. I found a spot to park because I would feel bad if he got hit.

I parked my car and followed the dog. I was running after the little guy, heart pumping, it was like a morning jog with my dog. I didn’t think these little guys could run so fast!!! I was sprinting! I saw it run through some bushes so I thought I’d catch it from the other side (there’s some break decor blocking the way as well). When I got to the other side, the dog was gone. I stood their dazed thinking, “Where could this little guy have gone?” I saw some rumble in the bushes and approached slowly. Out flew a bird.

I looked around for about 15 to 20 minutes before giving up. He was no where to be found while traffic was starting to pick up (there’s about 5 churches in this area so can already imagine). Unfortunately, I gave up the search and went back to my car and drove off. I just hope this little guy is safe with his owners. 

I’m very new to dogs and when I lived in California, strays were part of my daily life. Running was a necessity if you didn’t want to get attacked. Having said that, I didn’t know whether to report the lost dog or not and if there was even a nearby Animal control (it’s a very very small town). I called them but I’m sure the dog is long gone by then. Now I just feel so guilty for not taking the time in finding the dog. Please be okay little guy!

2 thoughts on “I almost ran over a small Yorkie

  1. My husband almost ran over some dogs yesterday. The stupid owner was at the bottom of her driveway and called her two off leash dogs to her. Of crouse, they ran around behind her as well onto the road. Thankfully hubby-dear noticed right away and had already moved over to the middle of the road.

    I hope the little guys is alright. By the sounds of the way he was running, I doubt he would have come quietly if caught. You could have been bitten and he may not have had his rabies shot. He might have bolted from the groomers and been lost. It’s happened a few times with dogs around here.

    A quick call to animal control might be a good idea. You can just report the description of the dog and the general vicinity the little guy was in. His owners may have already called and left a description with them.

    I hope he finds his home soon.

    1. After looking for the little guy, the rabies thing hit me too. He didn’t look feral though. We rarely see strays here. I called Animal Control and all they said was, “let me know if you spot him again.” She didn’t sound too interested in the description of the dog.

      Good thing your hubby spotted the dogs. I hope your neighbor learns from that. Maybe they accidentally got loose.

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