Dog fight and some Agility

Today, we were driving home from training and turned into our apartment complex. As we were driving up, me and my wife witnessed a Boxer (roughly about 40 to 50 lbs) lunge at these 2 small Yorkies. We had our windows up, so we couldn’t hear any of the owners’ remarks. The Boxer was being handled by a skinny, young adult female, so she was easily pulled by the boxer. The lady with the Yorkies (late 30’s) had them on retractable leashes, so it was harder to pull them back.

Here’s what happened. We were driving up and saw both handlers walking away from each other. Next thing you know, the Boxer turns around (roughly 10 ft away) and runs towards the Yorkies and, I think, takes a bite at one of them but misses. The handler was getting dragged by the Boxer but was trying to pull back. The lady with the Yorkies couldn’t do anything because those retractable leashes don’t pull back very well in situations like this. When the Boxer came to a stopping point, both handlers walked in different directions and I’m sure they had an adrenaline rush.

Now, I know there are 3 sides to the story (this side, that side and the truth). However, I walk this complex 3 or 4 times a day so I’ve seen all the dogs mentioned here. The Boxer pleasantly greeted Abby before with a sniff exchange. No tenseness, just lots of curiosity and friendliness with the same handler. The Yorkies, total yappers. They bark at everything they come by and this woman does nothing to correct them. They’re pulling, lunging, growling, barking, you name it. Unacceptable behavior. We’ve met them on several occasions and none of which were pleasant ones. Abby’s been training for these conditions so she just sits while those 2 dogs blow off some steam but there has been some cases where Abby jumps from excitement as well.

What I think happened: The young lady and the Boxer were walking pass the 2 Yorkies. All the while, the Yorkies are just looking to start a fight. The handler of the Boxer safely passes the entire scenario and relaxes her shoulders from the tension. Surprisingly, she’s pulled towards the 2 Yorkies and almost loses balance but manages to control her dog before unfortunate events. I hope they learn from this experience nonetheless.

On a much happier note, Abby is doing great with her training. She has made much progress and my trainer is proud! Here’s a video of her doing some Agility. She’s not the greatest yet but we’ll soon get there. I know. I forgot to catch the “C-Saw” before it hit the ground. I hope it doesn’t discourage my dog. Also, I don’t know why she keeps running backwards in the tunnel but I quickly grabbed her leash because her recall is not so great.


4 thoughts on “Dog fight and some Agility

  1. What a good girl! She’s doing so well! =D

    As for the fight, my guess is the little dogs were jumping up on the boxer. It happens to Kyuss all the time where they try to somewhat dominate him, but it isn’t obvious since he’s so much taller. To most, it just looks like the dogs want to play, but you can tell by the dogs body language, it isn’t usually the case. As he gets older, I find he’s less tollerant to it as well.

    I hate fexi-leads!! They should be banned LOL. Too often I have been walking Kyuss on one side of the road while someone coming in the opposite direction has their dog on a flexi-lead out about 8-12′ in front of them when the dog will bolt across the middle of the road to come sniff/play/bark at Kyuss. All it will take is one car to drive down the road for thier dog to be done. =/

  2. They should! Too many times I’ve see owners be overwhelmed with those retractable leashes. My older brother bought me one and I used it at the beach. Those things don’t have much of a grip to them either. I’ve lost grip of it several times and had to chase Abby down. Never again.

  3. And yet if the boxer had managed to take a bite out of one of the small dogs, it would be the one pursued by animal control. I wish more owners of small dogs would be responsible.

    1. That’s exactly my point. Granted there are very few that I have met that are great! It’s a shame that people will always think the bigger dog as the prime suspect.

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