Vet Checkup and Bad Recall

Abby at the Vets
She's like, "WHAAA?! Needles?!"

I’m a little late on this but I guess it’s better late than never. šŸ˜€

We took a trip to the Vet’s office this past weekend because Abby is due for her vaccines! Needles! We checked in and weighed Abby at 73.5 lbs, an ideal weight for her. We sat in the waiting room for SO LONG! Usually, a vet would come in within 5 to 10 minutes. I’m sure they were pretty busy or short on staff so it took nearly 35 minutes before a vet came in.

Abby walked into that office like a champ. She was ready for those needles BUT after waiting so long, her resolve broke. lol. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes of waiting she started to whimper. The Vet tech held Abby and the Vet applied to vaccines. Oh yea, she’s due for her comprehensive next month! Yay!

So that’s the good part of the story. After checking out and getting a flea and tick tablet, I decided to switch Abby from the flat to her prong that she’s already got on. Why did I do that? She was very anxious and pulling hard. We walked through the center isle normally until I noticed the leash slid off her collar. PANIC MODE.

I had no idea why the leash came off but I acted as if everything was still normal. She was trotting along side me perfectly and I was about to reach for her but dropped the flea and tick medicine. I stopped to pick that up first and Abby just kept walking. She didn’t even know I stopped. *Smack forehead* I called for her and told her to “come”.Ā Here’s a little background of our recall training. I use the “come” command inside our home and she follows it perfectly. I use it outdoors on a 30 ft lead and it works, sometimes not. Just the week before, my trainer had me doing some recall exercises and she was performing great. So she’s not solid but knows it well enough.

Now here’s what happened. Following the normal “come” routines, she started to approach me but at the same time, I could see in her eyes that she was VERY observant. She was probably 10 ft away from me and got within arms length. I could see her staring at the unhooked leash and was focused on it, hard! As I reached out, she jumped back! AHHHH!!!! I know what she was thinking. “What? I’m not on a leash? SWEET! Let’s have some fun!” Now it’s time to panic! I chased her through the store and everyone was watching. It was so embarrassing but I had to do what I had to do.

One of the associates of the store assisted me in surrounding Abby in an isle. Fortunately, we caught her within 5 minutes of her escape. I leashed her back up and I was in the zone. I could run a 5K after that adrenaline rush. I’m just thankful no one was hurt and that Abby didn’t head out the store. All the worst case scenarios played through my head while trying to catch her. What a relief. Back to the basics of recall for her!

4 thoughts on “Vet Checkup and Bad Recall

  1. Ahhh! I wonder how the leash came unhooked? Maybe it needs a little WD40 on the latch bit XD

    Kyuss’ recall is about 90% The 10% usually involves other dogs/people/creatures that he just wants to keep playing with haha. His way really great as a young pup, then as he hit his teens and it was almost like starting from scratch again.

    Her recall will come in time. I find it’s one of those commands you have to work on for the rest of their life haha. I’m so glad an associate was able to help you! It’s so hard to corral a dog who thinks it’s play time!

    1. I really don’t know how the leash came off. There’s no rust on the hook and it slides smoothly. She had a blast though. I’m sure she’s thinking, “When can we do that again?!” lol.

  2. Klaus’ recall is the same! Super spot on when we are “working”, in the house off leash, or on a long line lead outside. Otherwise not so much!

    Glad you were able to wrangle her back.

    ps- your dog’s teeth are great! I always tell Klaus how pretty his teeth are. All our friends’ dogs are breeds with notoriously bad teeth, so I can appreciate a pretty dog smile when I see one! šŸ™‚

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