Nature Park Hike (Pictures)

Nature's Guest
Well, I got home from work and found Nature’s guest at my door. So I thought, let’s pay Nature a visit.Fishing DeckHere we are Nature! We’ll be in your care. Abby’s staring and waiting patiently to get in the waters.ImageDogs must be on a leash in this park. Of course, it’s a nature park. I wouldn’t want her chasing after wild life because she’d probably forget about me.ImageWe were walking and she suddenly stopped. Gotta admire that view.ImageWATER!!! WOOHOO!!! SPLASH!!!ImageI’m sure she’s enjoying the mud through her toes. lolImageShe’s like, “LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT LOG!!!”Image“I WANT IT!!!”Image“Too big. Walk away…” – FailImageWe came to this spot many times when she was a pup. I think she really missed it. First time back since Spring.ImageLet’s finish this trail and get to the next one!Image“SQUIRREL!!!!”ImageThe swamp area. Looks so muddy and gooey.Image“Mud? What? I like mud! Let’s go in!” – notice the leash is tight. lol. ImageLast trail! Let’s go! The longest one out of the 3 we took. ImageParking lot. YESSS! Let’s go home… Exhausting and it’s only 11:30 am.ImageWe got home and Nature’s friend bid us farewell and thanks for the visit!

9 thoughts on “Nature Park Hike (Pictures)

  1. What a lovely place! There are a few places here like that but they come with not so nice surprises. We have a state park called Green Lakes that is like tick central! There’s also a really nice off leash dog park that barely anyone goes to but we don’t like teasing Klaus with not being able to run. Plus there’s a really stupid pet owner who has an aggressive dog that likes to bring his dog there. Countless other owners have had issues- including us when we used to go!

    What a happy dog she must have been. Did she take to water naturally or did she need some encouraging. Klaus HATED it at first but loves it so much now 🙂

    1. Tick central?! That’s a downer. I’m sure Klaus misses going out to those areas. I’m looking at your profile picture and he looks like he’s enjoying the waters so much!

      Abby jumped right in. Even as a pup, she approached, sniffed, jumped. It came natural to her and I’m thankful I didn’t have to desensitize her into it. You should probably take Klaus swimming more often. I read up that it’s a great way of releasing energy for dogs that can’t run.

  2. What beautiful photos! That moth is gorgeous.

    Abby looks like she had a ton of fun! Did she get very muddy? Last walk we had in the woods, Kyuss made a b-line straight toward a muddy swamp and wallowed in it. It was getting dark too so I couldn’t wait for him to fully dry. He muddied up the back of the car quite nicely lol.

    1. Wow! I wonder how it cleaned out in the back? lol. I’m sure he was glad he got to take some of it home. haha.

      Abby had tons of fun! So much fun that she slept for the rest of the day! Gotta love those days. No. She didn’t get the opportunity to slip and slide in the mud. Her mom would’ve killed me (she gives the baths). lol. A swim in the lake was good enough for her.

    1. Rumpy, that darn leash gets in the way all the time! I rarely get a chance to be completely off leash. I would’ve been able to catch all those squirrels if did woulda let me.

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