Squirrels are taking over the world!

“Dad, the neighbor’s dog said the squirrels are planning to take over the world!”
We're here!!!
“I wish I had a team but I’ll have to go solo for now. Let’s find them!”
“I know they’re somewhere… Maybe this way?”
“Hey DUCK! Where are the squirrels?!”
“Duck said they’re around here… I think the squirrels have moved their hideout. I’m on to them!”ImageDid you hear that dad? I think it was a squirrel! We gotta move fast!”
“C’mon dad, you’re so slow! They’re getting away!”Image“I see one dad! Maybe if we follow this one, we’ll get to their hide out!”
“Dad, SIT! You’re going to give away our position.”Image“We lost it all thanks to you dad… Bad dad!” 
“It’s begun! They’re overturning trees and destroying everything!”
“We lost our only lead… We’ll have to call it a day. They know we’re on to their scheme.”Image“Until next time squirrels! I’ll stop you if it’s the last thing I do!” 

14 thoughts on “Squirrels are taking over the world!

  1. This makes me laugh! Send her my way- we have lots of squirrels living in and wreaking havoc in our garage. Klaus appears interested in them at first but then meh. The other day we were walking by a garbage can and the fattest squirrel I had ever seen leapt straight up and out, running across the street. Klaus was at first intrigued by the movement, but birds seem to be where it’s at for him.

  2. Hey that was a fun out-and-about, so pretty there, thought the picture of the Heron was great too. Our family had a shepard name Rambo who used to ride in the front seat of our car with my dad….such good memories. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Abby asks, “what’s a heron? Are you talking about Mr. Duck?”

      Abby’s tries to ride shot gun even when mom’s in the car. Lol. German Shepherds are great.

      1. Abbeys bird friend on the railing at the lake…that’d be Heron. They have the long legs & wide wings…ducks are….well like Donald. She’s young, she’ll figure it out.

  3. Our two German Shepherds loved the post and the pictures, and would love to join in on the squirrel hunt – they hunt anything that moves, and they like to have fun!

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