Down by Grandpa’s Farm

Abby here! Today, dad got a call that grandpa wasn’t feeling so good so we took a trip to their home. I don’t really mind as it’s one of the places I am free to chase bugs, nibble on grass and roll around in dirt. You know, dog things.

*Chomp Chomp* Grass salad is so yummy.

Another reason why grandpa’s home is one of my most favoritest places to go is because of all of the different smells! I get so distracted when dad calls for me. I can even smell traces of squirrels! No way am I letting them near my gram gram and grandpa. Image

I thought I saw a grasshopper jump past me! I love grasshoppers! Some can taste very bitter.


Last fall, dad helped grandpa plant some fruit trees and built a green house in their back yard. It’s too hot to raise the tarps now but during the spring, grandpa said he was able to grow 4 sets of vegetables for the farmers market. The sweet aroma of fruits and vegetables fills my nostrils so much that it’s overpowering! Grandpa sells them down at the farmer’s market every Saturday so we’re preparing everything.Image

The cabbages were ready so dad grabbed a few to wash and store them. Some cabbages were still very young so we left them to grow some more.


The Nashi pears were growing great! No bugs on them and there were many! As of right now, I think they’d be very sour. Can you make a sour face? I just shake my head silly.Image

The Plumb tree has plenty of ripened plums! Some hasn’t turned their color but as you can see, that big fat purple one looks delicious. Dad shares a piece with me from time to time. I’m foaming at the mouth just thinking about it!Image

After running and splashing through the puddles of water mom used to rinse the vegetables, I thought it was neat to leave a paw print. I know my paws are still small compared to Dad’s but he says I still have more growing up to do. Well, after running around like a maniac, I’ve grown tired so it’s time to call it a day. Sleep tight readers and dream of catching squirrels for me…. Image


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