Dog Park (Pictures)

Abby excited to be off-leash in a place with other dogs. Mind you, this is her first time being off-leash with more than 1 dog. I was scared… Before we left the house, my wife asked if we should bring some treats. My reply was a definite NO. lol.
To my surprise, she was very well behaved compared to some of the dogs there. It was a big disappointment to not see another German Shepherd Dog there. I would’ve loved to take some pictures of her and another. She had fun nonetheless.
In all honesty, she didn’t seem to interested in other dogs. I mean, when they came by she sniffed them. She’s never seen a kiddie pool so she didn’t know what to do with it. lol. This silly English Bull Dog saw Abby around the Kiddie pool and jumped right in. He laid in it, rolled in it, drank from it and keeping a happy face towards Abby as if saying, “See? It’s fun!” It was cute.
This is the silly guy I was talking about. He is such a friendly dog. Abby warmed up to him in no time. She was following him around and he showed her around the place. What a great dog.
This is probably the closest breed to a German Shepherd. I’m not to sure what breed it is but it must be a mix. This dog is very handsome. He has a Doberman/German Shepherd look to him but I couldn’t quite figure that curled tail. Abby played chase with this guy a lot. Although, all of the dogs weren’t able to catch Abby due to her speed.
After 2 hours at the dog park, it was time to call it a day. I could tell Abby was tired as she laid down beside us. After all the dog park horror stories I’ve heard, I’m glad we were lucky enough to have this positive experience. Good job Abby!

Referring to the first photo caption, I did not want any treats in the dog park because it could cause a lot of attention. For instance, a lady thought it’d be a good idea to bring her dog treats. A whole pack of dogs surrounded her as they smelled the yummies. She placed her back on a table and out of reach. One dog didn’t care and jumped on top of the table and started digging in the bag. lol. That’s when I said to my wife, “That would’ve been you.” lol.

I did spot a few dogs playing very rough and could’ve escalated to a fight. Luckily, the owners intervened. All the while, Abby mostly stayed back as a spectator for most of the dog activities. One owner had to continuously correct her dog and they ended up leaving because it was too aggressive at play. All the while, I’m imagining these dogs as human kids chasing each other, playing tag, covered in dirt, etc… It was a fun day!

5 thoughts on “Dog Park (Pictures)

  1. So happy Abby had a good time! That bulldog is a riot. When we would take Klaus there were some funny little dogs. Never saw another shepherd. We ran into a husky now and then.

    1. Yea. That bulldog was a goofy dog. I watched him the entire time because he was so funny.

      No GSDs? That’s disappointing. Since I’ve started going to the dog park, I’ve seen 4 so far. It’s a great feeling to see your GSD with another.

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