Graduation day! YAY!

Starting off our day with some socializing! Here we are on our way to the dog park. Abby’s very excited to see the other dogs.

After the dog park, I had to run lots of errands. I was in a hurry so I left Abby out of her crate and home alone. In the past, she has tore up pillows, ate soap, ate make-up, dug in the trash, etc… It’s been a while since I last time I left her home like this so I thought it’d be a great opportunity. I left her for 2 hours and all the while, I was regretting the entire time. When I got home, I didn’t hear a bark. She usually barks at anyone that’s near the door. I looked all around for her and couldn’t find her! I panicked and called for her. She came out from a corner of the guest room and greeted me. To my surprise, nothing happened. Everything was just as I left it. Astonished by the improvement she’s made, I gave her a cow hide as reward.

She was the biggest one there this time so as you can see, some of the owners didn’t really want theirs around Abby. 😦 She looks back at me like, “Dad, no one to play with…” Luckily, a small dog, Tequila, came up to Abby and initialized the play posture. They took off!!! And all the dogs ensued chasing Abby. I heard many compliments on how fast she was. Just more motivation to have her in some sort of sport.

Well, after much training and progress, Abby is graduating from basic Obedience. When we got to the training grounds, there was a final examination. She was to do all of her commands flawlessly. Because we entered the course with some training already, my trainer had me do more difficult commands such as heel, longer stays, farther distance, come with a sit, focus training, and the basic commands (i.e. sit, down, stand). She performed flawlessly even off leash with the other dogs as distractions. I’m such a proud father and I probably learned more from this experience than Abby has. lol. Here’s some photos of the graduation.

This is Tucker. He is probably the friendliest dog I’ve ever seen. He does not hesitate to greet you with a very warm welcoming with his tail wagging destructively. lol. I enjoyed watching his progress the most out of the other class mates.
A little speech from Abby:
“I want to thank Dad for his patience with me. Honestly, the only reason why I did this was for the treats. No treats, no tricks! I had fun though and hope Dad will have more for me.”
Tucker and his dad graduating with a Basic Obedience Certificate. Congratulations Tucker! I hope to see you again.
Lilly and her Dad graduating with a Basic Obedience Certificate. She’s such a fluffy dog and has good drive. I sure hope her dad advances her.
Effie and her Dad graduating with a Basic Obedience Certificate. She’s a little timid Chinese Crescent but very cute. Abby made her feel right at home though. 😀
That’s us! Don’t we look good together? hehe. Abby proudly wears her cap and gown. To my surprise, she earned Basic AND Intermediate Obedience Certificates. I was astonished and my Trainer said she enjoyed watching Abby’s progress the most. She does not want us to stop here and advance because Abby has a great drive and is working quality. It makes me so proud to hear that from a German Shepherd trainer.
I have nothing hanging on my walls right now but these should look nice on our walls.

If you’re in the local area and interested in training with the same trainer, please visit Maria definitely has a passion for dogs and you can tell from the way she treats her companions. She’s titled her own dogs and is always pressing forward for more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her as much as I do. We’ll be working further into training for tracking and other sports with Maria.


9 thoughts on “Graduation day! YAY!

  1. That is adorable! I am so glad she did so well! And glad to see it pay off. xD Being able to leave her at home by herself and find everything in tact shows it was worth it. ;D

      1. Totally. Always wanted to do that with a dog.. but then I ended up spoiling and by the time I tried to train, it was hopeless. ;D JK, but still… never got to actually doing it.

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