After Graduation


Dear Reader,

Abby here. It feels like forever since I’ve last wrote you. Dad and I have been super busy this past week. After graduation, dad seemed even more motivated to seek new adventures. I’ve been in the backseat of his truck almost everyday going to the dog park or to grandpa’s farm or even places I’ve never even been to! Lots of new smells and new faces I’ve come across but I try to keep calm as long as dad’s with me.

I feel like mom and dad finally trusts me these days. I’m allowed to stay outside of my crate when home alone! It’s great! Though I love my cozy crate, I’d much prefer an open space to roll around and chase my Mr. Monkey. However, they try to keep me confined in their bedroom using a baby gate but they don’t know I can jump over it all thanks to Mrs. Maria, dad’s trainer. She has agility obstacles and jumping the 4 foot fence has always been my favorite.

ImageI know it’s late but Happy Fathers day to everyone. I spent Fathers Day Eve at a cookout with dad’s relatives at the park. It was very tiring as these human puppies would not stop chasing and bothering me! All they wanted to do was pet me, hold me, walk me, etc… I heard my name called a Gajillion times! I thought my buddies at the dog park don’t get tired, humans are on a whole new level! I don’t know how humans do it.

The good side of this, I got lots of treats! hehe… These human puppies got hold of dad’s bag and it was filled with treats! The human puppies and I were climbing through the jungle gym and there was a tunnel just like Mrs. Maria’s agility tunnel. I never seen a human puppy do agility tunnel but it was pretty funny. We all took turns but they were able to climb these strange bars that I couldn’t. I let out a loud bark to get them to come down. If this was how we celebrated Fathers day eve, I can’t wait to celebrate Fathers day.


So on Fathers day, we did nothing! I guess dad likes to party it out before his actual day so he can rest. What a smart guy! We did get to spend some time with grandpa though at the farm. Grandpa just came back from fishing with a huge catch! I got some scraps and it was delicious!

This is at Reedy Creek Park.
This is our usual hang out. William R. Davie Park. 4 acres of shady trees for me and my pals to run at. 



Almost every day since graduation, we’ve been going to dog parks and hikes. That’s what I’m barking about! Nothing like a great day of running and new faces! Dad said something about CGC but if it’s not a treat then I could care less. Until next time then reader!



4 thoughts on “After Graduation

    1. Oh sorry! She actually hasn’t gotten the CGC yet. I heard there’s a gun shot sound test which I know she’ll fail easily so we’re working on that. We’ll get there! šŸ˜€

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