Drugged out dog

ImageWhen I got home on Thursday morning, my wife called me and told me she heard a loud THUMP last night. She thinks Abby fell off the bed. I didn’t think much of it because she falls off the bed on occasions so I took her for a walk and a trip to the dog park. She was flying and had the entire park chasing her. It was great. Later that evening, I noticed a limp on her right hind leg. I’m sure it’ll go away, she just needs to walk it off. Well, next day, the limp went away so I took her to the park again. Yay! That afternoon while she was napping, she suddenly started to cry and whimper. I though, “Oh dear, let’s go see the vet.” I had to carry her down 2 flights of stairs and into the car. She is HEAVY! Oversized puppy.Image

So here we are, waiting for the vet and Abby’s level of anxiety is rising. The Vet came in and couldn’t find anything wrong with Abby and said she’s probably just sore from the fall. He suspected a torn ACL but it still seemed intact. He prescribed some pain meds and wanted us to keep watch and no straining exercise for a week.Image

Well, we’re on day 3 now and she is drugged out. We’ll be following up with the vet on Friday and possibly taking some x-rays of her hips and elbows. It’ll be a good opportunity to see any signs of Hip Dysplasia.

How do you all deal with a dog on house arrest or rainy weather? I imagine all that energy could be destructive. What activities would you recommend?

13 thoughts on “Drugged out dog

  1. Aw! Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon!!! As for activities, if she can focus enough, I would try taking the time to teach her some new tricks. We just went through this drugged out period with Smokey not too long ago and because of all the extra energy he had not being able to run around and such, we took the opportunity to teach him some new tricks, the mental stimulation helped wear him out some ^.^

    1. I remember reading about Smokey and his vaccine. How’s he coming along? Definitely a good opportunity to work on some new tricks. I’ll look up something fun. Thanks.

  2. Yikes, poor Abby! I hope it turns out to be nothing too serious and something easily treated. I have read about so many ACL issues lately and it is kind of scary.

    On cold or rainy days I love to play different nosework games. It teaches my dog to use her brain and other senses and I love how mental work can often be more exhausting for her than physical.

  3. Poor sweetie! Do you live in an area where Lyme disease is prevalent? Sometimes it can show as just a limp, and GSDs are so stoic, it would be worth getting checked out! I hope she feels better soon.

    I spent a lot of time with me being sick and having to entertain my 2 GSD puppies this past winter. There are a lot of good toys, a StarMark BobALot, Kyjen has some good puzzles. Hide toys and have her look for them (it helps if they have cheese or something stinky in them). Check out my blog for some other ideas. (gowalkeaze)

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