Vet Follow Up and possibly on TV


Two weeks ago, we visited the vet due to lameness in Abby’s right hind leg from falling off our bed. I had to carry her, weighing at 75 lbs., down 2 flights of stairs and into my truck to the clinic. The Vet suspected a torn ACL and recommended Abby take it easy for the rest of the week. She totally blew it. We had her on house arrest but she ran everywhere! I would play fetch, teach her new tricks, hide and seek, all sorts of games. Some how, she was still overflowing with energy and had the zoomies almost every night. From what I could tell, she was perfectly fine and it was probably just a sore leg from falling off the bed.

ImageWith our follow up visit last week, unfortunately, our vet wasn’t in so we had another attend to Abby. We walked her around the clinic and back to the room. The vet physically examined her leg and gave me his opinion that there’s nothing wrong with her leg and even commented on how healthy she was. Great news although I already suspected it. I filled out some paper work and off we went to Grandpa’s farm for a week long anticipated off leash run-like-crazy fun time.

ImageEver since then, we’ve been to the park every day of the week as make up days because I owe her that much. While I was talking to other dog owners, a TV crew came to the dog park. In my head I was thinking, “Crap, I should’ve wore better clothes!” Of course, everyone had the same thing going through their minds and some even approached the crew. The explained that it’s all about dog nutrition and humans will be cut out. Great! I don’t know which station they were from but I’m guessing, from what the camera man’s shirt said, WBTV. The news lady asked if there were any obese dogs in the park. Unfortunately for her, all the dogs in the park were in tip-top shape. I’ll find a link of the broadcast once it’s released but none yet.

Oh right! July 4th just passed. Happy late 4th everyone. Abby was scared throughout the entire night as I patiently calmed her and assured her that they won’t come get her. Well, for some people, Independence day was celebrated on the 5th and the 6th. Thankfully, Abby has grown used to the loud noise (except for thunder). Eventually, she’ll just scare herself to sleep because I’ve tried treats, her comfortable bed, crate, in the bed with us. Instead, we get trampled on so I did what I always do for times of anxiety. I ignore it. I figure if we’re not bothered by it, she’ll come to find that everything’s alright.

I’m really interested in advancing Abby into a sport or some sort of job-like hobby. Abby has a great prey-drive. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 that I think she would love.

  • Tracking – because she’s great with her nose. I’ve scented a grassy field with her treats up to 10 yards distance and she found it easily. I’m sure other dogs can do this as well but it’s such a great feat!
  • Protection – from what I’ve read, prey drive has a lot to motivate protection instincts. Also, because it’s part of the breed. However, my wife is skeptical because then Abby would learn to bite which I’m sure protection is to teach bite inhibition and to control it.
  • Herding – I would definitely be willing to drive 1 or 2 hours to a training facility for herding. I grew up on a farm and want a dog that’s able to guard live stock rather than them being a buffet.

It would be much appreciated if I could get some insight on these sports/jobs for those that have experience in it.

And to end things with a good night. Here’s a sleepy face.



19 thoughts on “Vet Follow Up and possibly on TV

  1. I think herding and tracking sound fantastic! I mean, protection would be fantastic, but I don’t see Abby as a dog doing that. … Eh, maybe I have the same worries as your wife. XD

    1. You and my wife. lol. I like the thought of protection because it helps control that behavior. God forbid Abby having to protect me in a real scenario and I couldn’t control her. We’ll see though.

  2. What general area are you in? Our breeder has done herding with her GSDs, I can find out where she trained, and maybe get you some connections. But we are on the East Coast, close to Philadelphia, if you are in Canada or the British Isles that won’t help you!

    I’m glad that Abby is feeling better, it’s so hard to keep a GSD quiet even when they are sick!

    1. lol. Well, it’s not really that she’s camera friendly. It’s a difficult task to keep her still for the camera. One day I’ll invest in a DSLR that can capture motion photos.

  3. We have plans to get Klaus into tracking and protection work. We also had recommendations for pulling. There are various weight pulling and carting clubs around- maybe even in your area! When we originally got Klaus his drive was so high and his energy RELENTLESS. It didn’t matter how many games, walks, runs, play dates we had.

    An easy way to give her a job also is to have her wear a backpack and have her carry things. When Klaus’ hip is fixed that is one of the first things we will be doing to getting him back into tip top shape, and to help him release his energy.

  4. How have I known you this long and you never told me you grew up on a farm? I lived and worked on a cattle farm here in Rock Hill my freshman year of college! Not exactly the same, but still pretty boss on your end! 🙂

    1. Cattle? I bet that was fun! We had very few live stock such as pigs and chickens. We grew strawberries, rice, cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, you name it.

  5. I vote for nose work. You never know when one of you might get lost. 🙂 But seriously, I got lost in the woods once off trail not too far from home and a friend who was at the house sent the dog we always played “find” with to find me, and she did, just as she always did during the game. Never thought she would ever really have to do it. Glad there was no torn ACL.

  6. Hope Abby is tottaly well. You are having so much fun with her!This is great. I know about weight pulling, but I would not put my dog through it. Nose work is great. If you find a group that does Search and Rescue let me know. I do know how to train Tracking but it is the Control Tracking for Schutzhund.
    Personal Protection is ALL about control work. I go every Saturday morning with Mishka. I love it. Total control, total obedience. She will not bite just for the heck of it. She will protect me when is needed and when I tell her.
    I miss you guys. I miss Abby’s pretty face.

    I lost 2 of my dogs last week. My Pretty Girl and my Ladi. Pretty Girl ( my Gaston Animal Control rescue ) had cancer and my Ladi (another rescue) could not walk her 2 back legs, so she was dragging herself with her 2 front legs. Very sad to watch.
    By the way this is Maria (Dad’s Trainer)

    1. Oh no. I’m sorry to hear about the 2 ladies. I know I’m very late on this but I’m sure it must’ve been very hard on you. It’s never easy when losing a loved one.

      We haven’t been looking for any search and rescue yet. I’ve been unemployed for the month of August but just recently got back into the work force and motivated. I’ll let you know what we decide on.

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