Summer Road Trip

ImageHello everyone! Long time no bark! Summer has been craaaaazy!!! Anyways, I hope everyone had a great summer and hope you all brought your pets along to enjoy your luxurious vacation as well. I’d like to say that the heat was dreadful. With my double coat, I can barely manage to go for a potty break without passing out by heat stroke. We did get a lot of rain though so I’m grateful for that BUT it would only rain for 3 or 4 hours and the heat comes right back. Humidity doubles the heat but fortunately I’m spoiled by human technology (Air Conditioner). I LOVE sleeping on our vents after my potty breaks.

Unfortunately due to the heat, we didn’t get much time with training. We attempted to train at night around 10:00 pm and it was still around 90 degrees F. (32 degrees Celsius) and training inside the house is just too boring because we can only play hide’n seek or find-it for so long. I’m just waiting for Autumn so we can spend more time outside and training!

ImageThe highlight of my summer is our road trip to Minnesota! It’s about 1200 miles (1932 km) worth of driving excluding the stops for potty breaks and meals.

Even though I wasn’t the one driving, it was very tiring! Who would’ve though that being a passenger could be so much work! I had the entire backseat to myself yet I couldn’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep. There were so many new scents I discovered along the way. We even saw other dogs resting up from the tiring trip but they were all a bit cranky so I didn’t bother to approach.

Well, I could keep banging my paws on the keyboard all day or you can just look at how much fun I had through these photos.

Feels like a loooooooong trip already! (Just left the drive way)
Scary tunnel…
Passed through the mountains with the beautiful sunlight.
Finally here!!! Yay!!!
I got to meet the White Chihuahua, Stitch! He’s about 4 years old but still acts like a puppy. My mommy took care of Stitch since he was born even though he wasn’t her dog. I guess I can call him my cousin. 😀
Mom’s mom wanted to show us her farm and so I got to do some exploring. Too bad there weren’t any squirrels or rabbits around…
I thought I saw something in the bushes! I betcha it was a squirrel.
It started to rain real hard at the farm so mom stuck me back into the van.
Later, We took a trip to Dad’s sister’s house and look who I met! She’s probably the happiest human puppy I’ve ever seen! She didn’t mind me licking her either. *Lick*
Another drive. No idea where, just following the parents.
Just arrived and look! More human puppies! Dad’s having fun with these huma-pups since it’s been so long since he last saw them. I wonder why I never met them….
Annnndd…. Another drive. Sooooo tired!!!
WOW! Dad actually took me out! There are only 2 off-leash dog parks in the twin cities and here we are! This place is about 10-12 acres with lots of hiking trails. Love it.
This is my meeting with Timber (More like his meeting to my rear end). He’s not that interested in playing… maybe because he’s older? I barked a few times to get him to run with me but he just turned away…. No Fun!
Back to Stitch’s house. I slept over his house the most during my trip. In this picture, I was enjoying the 80 degree heat and cool Minnesota breeze. Sure beats the heck outta North Carolina Humidity!
Last day of our trip and Dad’s sister had lots of goodies for us! I got cookies and the humans got snacks for the road.
As you can see, I’m a bit sleep deprived but I know in 20 hours, I’ll be back home. Home sweet home!
I actually knocked out the entire trip and woke up at Grandpa’s farm! It was a fun trip but I’d much rather stay in North Carolina.

The week after we got back, Grandpa invited Dad and us to go to the beach with them which is about 4 hours away. Thankfully dad declined! I’m done with road trips!

How do you all handle with road trips? Would you rather secure your dog in a crate in the back or have them at arms length away in the seat?


6 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip

  1. Sounds like you had a fun (and hot) summer! We have just had one of the coldest/wettest summers on record here in the UK.
    We always travel with the dogs on the back seat, I like to keep my eye on them and they like to stretch out in one big pile. We have a twin cab pick-up, and the back seats fold up, which is great as it gives the dogs more room. We use a dog hammock to stop them getting through to the front. It seems to work well.

    1. Yes, maybe dad should get a hammock as well. Although I enjoy my roomy backseat, I still get pretty lonely and often attempt to sit in dad’s lap while he drives. lol.

      Please bring some of that coldness to us! We need it!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! When travelling with Kyuss, he used to be crated as a pup after he ate my drivers side seatbelt one day. Once he was bigger and past the teething stage, he had free run of the back seat until the kiddies came. We ended up buying a crossover so he could have the run of the back. I usually tie his leash to one of those loop secure thingys, although I’ve been wanting to buy him a proper seatbelt harness for him. Mainly, because I worry if we happened to get into an accident how safe a leash and collar would be. =O

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