Back from hiatus

So it’s been a long while since I last blogged, many things to catch up on. First and foremost, my Abby has passed on to a better place. Her last day on Earth was December 27, 2013. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Abby’s condition was slowly deteriorating despite all our efforts. The wife and I had the most difficult time in dealing with the situation and our grieving was heart wrenching. I still have trouble coping with the fact that she’s gone but it has gotten a little easier over time. We clipped a lock of her fur and had her cremated. Now, she’s comfortably set over our fireplace in our living room.Abby

More new things, I adopted another GSD to our family while Abby was still with us, Bandit. Bandit has an interesting story and I would like to know where he came from myself. One of my friends let her Pitbulls out to play and some time passed so she called them back home. Sure enough, here comes little puppy Bandit on their heels as if he’s always been a part of their pack. My friend searched for Bandit’s owners for 10 days but to no avail. She couldn’t take in another dog and so she reached out to us and now, he’s with us and has been great company. We got him when he was about 4 months and he’s been a great dog and a dear brother to Abby. Compared to Abby, I have to say Bandit has a totally different personality. Bandit is more clingy and needy. He constantly seeks attention and always strives to please me. I can confidently keep him off leash during our walks, training, etc… Though I keep him on leash just to avoid conflicts. Training has always been easy with him. Bandit will be 3 years old in September.

bandit puppyanb01AnDee36

After Abby passed on, home just felt empty. Though I had a lot of time to focus on Bandit, it didn’t feel quite right. About 1 year after Abby’s passing, someone reached out to me after seeing how well kept Bandit was. They told me they couldn’t keep their GSD anymore because she’s too high driven and their roommate can’t stand dogs. I met up with them and introduced their dog to Bandit. She’s an all black GSD and beautiful though she lacked the confidence to properly greet Bandit. I named her Rogue and thought the name complimented with Bandit very well. I got her when she was about 5 months and she was a lot of work since I’ve never worked with a higher drive pup. She broke a “couple” of my wired crates, chewed through plenty pairs of socks and destroyed several pairs of my wife’s heels. She’s been great though after laying down the foundation training. High driven dogs aren’t for everyone but they definitely keep you busy. I would have loved for both Rogue and Abby to have known each other. Rogue’s will be 2 years old on Valentine’s day.


I’d like to say that I’ll be posting more often with updates on life, tips and tricks and everything else in between.

Signing out,


2 thoughts on “Back from hiatus

    1. Thanks Easy! It wasn’t easy and still isn’t but I wear the sorrow with pride. Also, I’m glad to hear that we were in your thoughts! I love the online dog community, everyone is always so caring. Thank you!

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