That there is a picture of me and my girl, Abby, crate training. Not only do the dogs need training but the owners themselves so… my wife locked us both in. We got Abby when she was 11 weeks. Originally, she was a gift for my wife for the times when I’m not home and my wife needs company. Now, Abby’s more of my dog and I am a proud father. First time dog owner and have much to learn.

Born in 1988 Minnesota but grew up in warm weather California. Growing up, my parents never allowed any pets other than chickens (live stock) and fish (also live stock). I didn’t really consider them pets because eventually they became dinner. Honestly, I never liked dogs. There were strays everywhere in California. I was fortunate enough to be walking distance from school so you can only imagine the amount of times I’ve had to run for my life.

I was 15 when my parents brought home our first dog, mainly for religious purposes (NOT live stock. lol). It was a blue tick hound mix named Cherry. She was kept outside and lived in a home made Kennel/dog run. Unfortunate events, she was struck by a car and we buried her under a Cherry tree.

I got married at the age of 20 and happily in love. In my spare time, I compose songs or perform covers for my wife and daughter. I am a very optimistic and open minded. Learning is the key in life and believe you can never learn enough.



3 thoughts on “Author

  1. Thanks for the like. Great Blog! I love dogs. Abby’s beautiful and looks like a real sweetheart. Unfortunately I haven’t had one for years because of space and some medical/physical conditions.
    So my wife and I got into animal rescue with a focus on cats. I mention them occasionally. 🙂
    There’s a vid of them in my ‘Content to Watch’.
    Again, I like the blog and look forward to more ‘Abby Adventures’.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading some of her entries. Animals make such a big difference in our lives don’t they? I actually rolled on the floor laughing from some of your posts. lol. You just don’t get moments like that that often anymore. Keep’em coming.

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