Why own a dog?

Frequently asked question number 3: “Why do you own dogs? They’re filthy beasts, you have to continuously care for them for all their life and it’s such a waste of money.” Anyone else ever get that or something of the sort? No, just me? 

Is not companionship enough? If you just watched an entire Halloween movie marathon and you’re home alone, having dog sounds pretty good then huh?… There goes my man points… Money doesn’t come to my mind when it comes to family as I’ve adopted these filthy beasts into my family. They are mine to care for, my responsibility until the day we part from this world. 

I just want to point out that my dogs have great hygiene. My home smells just as nice as a home without canines. My dogs’ teeth are so clean, I’d eat spaghetti out of their food bowls haha. Maybe not. So in conclusion, dogs are just so awesome. How could you not own one?


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